Are you new to yoga?

Yoga is a journey! There is no goal in yoga. To obtain all of the benefits you can gain from it, all you have to do is DO it! Your practice will become better each and every time you come to the mat. No yogi is perfect and ever will be. Just trying yoga makes you a yogi!

What to expect when you do yoga with me:

  • I will guide you and give you all of the cues you need. You need not have practiced before.
  • We will discuss beforehand any issues that your body may be struggling with in order to make them better and avoid aggravating them.
  • You can expect to leave feeling empowered and centered!

What to bring when you do yoga with me:

  • Yoga mat (though I can borrow you one if you need one!)
  • Water (it is essential you are hydrated!)
  • Towel (you will sweat!)

If you have any other questions regarding what to eat before a yoga class or what to wear during a yoga class, feel free to fill out my contact form. I would love to answer your questions!

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